Is Boat Insurance Required?
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Hey there, fellow boat enthusiasts!

If you’re a boat owner or planning to buy a boat, you might have wondered if getting boat insurance is required. The answer is, it depends on where you live and how you plan to use your boat.

State Laws

Depending on where you live, your state might require you to have boat insurance. Some states have specific requirements, such as liability insurance or proof of financial responsibility, while others have no requirements at all. It’s important to check with your state’s boating laws to see if you need boat insurance. In Ohio, where our agency is, the state does not require you carry insurance.

Marina or Lender Requirements

If you plan to store your boat in a marina or take out a loan to buy your boat, the marina or lender might require you to have boat insurance. This is to protect their property or investment in case of any damages or losses.

Peace of Mind

Even if boat insurance isn’t required in your state or by a marina or lender, we recommend carrying boat insurance 100% of the time! Let’s face it, accidents can happen, and the costs of repairs or medical bills can quickly add up. Having boat insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re financially protected.

So, before you hit the water, make sure to check with your state’s boating laws, marina or lender requirements, and consider getting boat insurance from Outdoor AdvINSURE. We offer customizable boat insurance policies to fit your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote.

As always, remember to wear your life jackets and enjoy the water!

Eric Fisher

Written by Eric Fisher

Owner and Principal Agent of Outdoor AdvINSURE, an insurance agency that specializes in recreational outdoor insurance.

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