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Don’t overpay for your auto insurance! We shop multiple companies to save you money!

Agent/Owner Eric Fisher

What makes us different?

Our Background

Our expertise in the personal lines insurance market provides you with the most comprehensive coverage available.

Our Access

We can write what the other groups can’t.

Have a vehicle you use to off road? Collector or classic car? How about a new high performance like a Corvette or Ferrari?

We have markets for all of that and more!

Our Client Experience

Insurance is confusing and no two policies are the same. This is why we provide a video proposal for every client that you can review at any time. We explain coverage, discount options, and ways to save money. You no longer have to take time to drive to an insurance office, when you get the same experience from your kitchen table!

Outdoor AdvINSURE is a licensed, independent, and trusted insurance agency

What do our customers say?

Outstanding customer service! Eric was great to work with. He provided guidance and comprehensive explanation regarding my policy. Addtionally, he made himself accessible at a moment’s notice. Thank you!

Geoff H.
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Outdoor AdvINSURE Agency is the only place to insure your house, cars, boat and everything in between! Eric is extremely knowledgeable with a long history of success in the insurance industry. Highly recommend taking all your insurance needs to Eric at Outdoor AdvINSURE Agency!

Kevin E.

Outdoor AdvINSURE Agency LLC is an independent insurance agency licensed in Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee. National Producer Number 20021672