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Welcome to Outdoor AdvINSURE, your go-to boat and yacht insurance experts dedicated to enriching your aquatic adventures in the Volunteer State.

Our Tennessee Boat Insurance is more than just coverage; it’s a customized solution designed with a keen understanding of Tennessee’s stunning waterways.

Whether you’re casting lines in pursuit of the big catch, riding the wakes, or cruising in the comfort of your cuddy cabin, we’ve tailored our coverage to ensure you navigate with confidence.

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Eric Fisher, The Boat Insurance Guy
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Boats we cover

  • Wake Boats – Comprehensive coverage for navigation equipment and hull protection, providing peace of mind as you carve through the wakes on Tennessee’s lakes.
  • Cuddy Cabins and Cruisers – Tailored coverage for personal property and amenities aboard your cuddy cabin and cruisers, allowing you to relax and enjoy the comfort of cruising Tennessee’s waterways.
  • Sport Fishing – Our insurance includes coverage for fishing gear, electronics, and personalized equipment, ensuring that your fishing boat is equipped for every angling expedition.

Why choose Outdoor AdvINSURE?

Tailored Coverage Options: Enjoy the flexibility of coverage options that suit your specific needs. From comprehensive protection for your fishing gear to specialized coverage for wake boats and cuddy cabin boats, we tailor our insurance to match your unique boating lifestyle.

Marine Insurance Expertise: As seasoned boat and yacht insurance brokers, our expertise in marine insurance sets us apart. We understand the intricacies of watercraft coverage, ensuring that your vessel, whether it’s a fishing boat, wake boat, or a performance boat, is well-protected against potential risks.

Passion for Boating: We share your passion for boating. Our team consists of avid boaters who understand the thrill and joy that comes with being on the water. This shared passion fuels our commitment to providing you with comprehensive and reliable boat insurance, allowing you to focus on the pure enjoyment of your Tennessee boating adventures.

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What makes us different?

Our Background

Our expertise in the boat and yacht insurance market provides you with the most comprehensive coverage available.

Our Access

We can write what the other groups can’t. Have an airboat? Older boat? We have markets for all of that and more!

Our Client Experience

Insurance is confusing and no two policies are the same. This is why we provide a video proposal for every client that you can review at any time. We explain coverage, discount options, and ways to save money. You no longer have to take time to drive to an insurance office, when you get the same experience from your kitchen table!

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