Houseboat Insurance

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Welcome aboard Outdoor AdvINSURE, your trusted partner for houseboat insurance. Anchored In Protection, we specialize in safeguarding your floating sanctuary with tailored coverage. Whether you’re cruising the serene shores of Lake Cumberland, exploring the pristine waters of Dale Hollow, or venturing into other popular destinations, we’ve got you covered. From stormy seas to unexpected mishaps, our personalized service and expertise ensure worry-free adventures on the water. Explore our comprehensive houseboat insurance options today and set sail with confidence, knowing you’re protected every nautical mile of the way.

Coverage options for your Houseboat

  • Agreed Value Coverage

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability

  • Marina & Yacht Clubs as Additional Insured

  • Fuel Spill Liability and Wreckage Removal

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft Bodily Injury

  • Personal Effects

  • Emergency Assistance & On Water Towing

  • Lay Up Discounts if your Vessel is Winterized

Houseboat Insurance FAQ’s

This will vary based on the age of your houseboat and what lake it is on. Typically you can expect around 1% of the hull value.

$500,000 houseboat x 1% = $5,000

This depends on the age of your houseboat

Typically, if over 15 years of age you will need to get a survey on your boat before we can issue coverage. The good news is many insurance companies will accept in water surveys on houseboats. This is not always the case so before you spend money on a survey, be sure to contact our boat & yacht insurance specialists to see what is required.

Depending on the insurance carrier, at least 1-5 years of previous ownership within 10ft of the boat you are buying. So, if you have previously owned a 50′ boat, your new boat should be no more than 40′.

Large jumps in size may require a captain signs off and/or captains training.

We believe in being very upfront. We can insure them, but please understand your options will be limited.

Many insurance companies will no longer accept steel houseboats, regardless of condition.

If you are buying or planning to buy a steel houseboat, contact our team to discuss your insurance options.

No. As a boat & yacht insurance broker, we represent many companies. This give us options for any length of houseboat.

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