Cruiser & Motor Yacht Insurance

Your Home Away from Home!

Whether you are cruising the Great Lakes, the Great Loop or just spending a few nights off the coast of Florida, your cruiser can be your home away from home. Make sure it’s protected the right way. We have the best options for cruiser and motor yacht insurance. The team at Outdoor AdvINSURE will work with you to find the coverage that suits your needs, including covering liveaboards, weekend trips, or even trips throughout the Bahamas.

Coverage options for your Cruiser or Motor Yacht

  • Agreed Value Coverage

  • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability

  • Extended Navigation, including the Bahamas

  • Marina & Yacht Clubs as Additional Insured

  • Captain / Crew Coverage

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Watercraft Bodily Injury

  • Fuel Spill Liability and Wreckage Removal

  • Personal Effects

  • Emergency Assistance & On Water Towing

  • Lay Up Discounts if your Vessel is Winterized

Cruiser Boat Insurance FAQ’s

This will vary significantly based on your type of vessel and where/how it will be used. In general terms, you can expect somewhere between 1%-4% of the hull value.

$100,000 boat x 2% = $2,000

This depends on the age of your cruiser and where it will be used.

Typically boats that are primarily moored in freshwater will need surveyed if they are over 15 years of age. If they are moored in saltwater, vessels over 10 years of age will require a survey.

Depending on the insurance carrier, at least 1-5 years of previous ownership within 10ft of the boat you are buying. So, if you have previously owned a 29′ boat, your new boat should be no more than 39′.

Large jumps in size may require a captain signs off and/or captains training.

Some companies limit the navigation area, some companies will allow nationwide and coastal navigation. We will work to understand your intended navigation so we can secure the correct coverage for you.

We write coverage for all types of boat manufactures. We have current customers with Sea Rays, Carvers, Marine Traders, DeFevers, Formulas, & many more.