Will I need a marine survey to get a quote?2023-12-15T21:04:08-05:00

All boat insurance companies will have different requirements of when a survey will be needed. A marine survey is typically only required for boats 27′ or greater in length and over 10-15 years of age.

We do have some options that do not require a survey and can insure boats up to 50ft.

How much does boat insurance typically cost?2023-12-15T20:58:58-05:00

A good rule of thumb is to expect somewhere around 1% of the hull value. For example, for a $100,000 boat, the cost of insurance will be somewhere around $1,000 a year. Keep in mind this can vary significantly based on many different factors such as where the boat is used, your boating experience and other factors.

Is boat insurance required?2023-12-15T20:57:27-05:00

Most states do not require you to carry boat insurance. If you financed your boat or have it moored at a marina, you most likely are required to carry some form of liability insurance. To protect yourself and your loved ones on board, we recommend carrying boat insurance 100% of the time.

What if I have a claim?2022-02-08T17:49:29-05:00

Generally, you will file your claim directly with the insurance carrier you purchase a policy through. We can help facilitate that and help along the way with communication between you and the insurance company. We’re in this with you!

What is the difference between “agreed value” and “actual cash value”?2023-12-15T20:55:13-05:00

Agreed value is a predetermined amount of insurance for your boat. Both the insurance company and you agree on the value of the boat when the policy is issued. In the case of a total loss, that is the amount you are paid without any deductions for depreciation. Actual cash value take into account depreciation and will only pay the current value the boat is worth at the time of loss.

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